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patricia ann card-farrell aka sabanur ali

Very nice...I would like to note that my parents: Wes and Ann Farrell were the first in San Francisco County (4 December 1948)...also Andrea Perez was actually a mexican american by birth classified as mom was white and my dad negroe...more later...also my mom was previously religiously married to a negroe in 1946 in san francisco and of this union one son was borne in 1947...i am now researching whether my mom may possibly be the first american borne white woman to (legally) marry a negroe in us history...most (if not all)inter racial children that i have met of my or my brothers generation have/had white fathers and black mothers OR their moms were those women married by negroe soldiers overseas as such...also, i do not yet know of any inter racial marriage of that time or present between an American borne (13 gen) white woman and black (negroe) man that produced at least six or more offspring as is the case with my parents...more to come on my blog...white woman/black man 1948 = interracial life as the youngest and only daughter of ann and wes farrell

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